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Why San Rafael: Because the rents are low the classes can be smaller which makes them more more productive because of the personal interaction. Currently looking for affordable Studio / Teaching space in the East Bay..

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This is an excellent organization
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I was recently contacted by the City of San Rafael planning commission and was informed that I could no longer teach classes at this location. This was the only way that I could keep the classes small enough and inexpensive enough to make them work for a larger groups. This is actually not a major set back because anyone who has taken a Introduction class with more than five people know that it is little more than a way to ramp up your Frustration. The vast majority of the classes I now teach are Micro, couples or private and that is far better on every possible level because they are taught the way you learn. They teach what you want to know and are taught to reach your goals.

Private classes on any subject
1 hour $100.00 / hour 2 - 6 hour $75.00 / hour 6 - 8 hours $60.00 / hour 8 + hours $50.00 / hour
Fundamentals of the Craft and Art of Digital Photography: a Class in Three Parts
These Intoduction Classes are often more frustrating than informative. I have broken this class up into three parts which will give the student a valuable educational experience and the ability to proceed at their own pace and with respect to their budget.

Fundamentals class for New Parents &
Grand Parents

Many of my students that have taken the Fundamentals class are new parents or new grand parents who want to take great images of the new members of their family - this class is targeted specifically for this purpose.

Basics and Beyond

There are several variations for this class including Private and small MICRO classes

Photoshop Elements & CS

There are several variations for this class including Private and MICRO classes



How to See and create your imagination

There are several variations for this class including Private and MICRO classes


Student Portfolio: Walker Laughlin Student Portfolio: Natalia Dixon
Seeing - Imagining - Creating Mindful Images
Applying the principles of Art and Design to create Beautiful and Powerful images.

Women of Spirit Project

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