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Visualize 1 Micro & Private

visualize |ˈviZH(ə)wəˌlīz| verb [with obj.] To make (something) visible to the eye:
“Great photographs are not taken, they are made”. Ansel Adams

Visualize 2 Micro and Private Call for an interview

Visualize 2 is comprised of four Art of Seeing workshops which can be taken individually or sequentially
visualize |ˈviZH(ə)wəˌlīz| verb [with obj.] To form a mental image - to imagine:

“The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE”. - Ernst Haas

Private Photography Classes for Adults and Teens

Private Photoshop Classes for Adults and Teens

Youth Classes


Over the past few years, class offerings have changed faster than updates to the website design so it is time to tune things up a bit.

The goal will always remain the same as it always has been. Absolute Dedication to Create, to Teach and Preserve the Craft and Art of Photography

Thank you for your patience

Please Call or Email for information. Again, thank you for your patience

Email: gleng@photoartsmarin.com
Phone: 415-450-1079

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